Varsity Football Squad, 1952

Football season is here, so let's take a look back to Cuba City's 1952 varsity football team. The squad went 5-3, with wins against Boscobel, Mt. Horeb, Mineral Point, Dodgeville, and Platteville, and losses to Prairie du Chien, Lancaster, and Darlington.

 Row One: David Groom, Dick Gerlach, Tom Calvert, Jim Curtis, Willie Axtell, Bill Droullard, Bill Schmieder, Gene Averkamp, Jesse Adams. 
Row Two: Manager Ronnie Fager, Bill Hamilton, Bill Steinbach, Tom Wedig, Larry Ware, Ronnie Vosberg, David Stephens, Roger Hauser, Jerry Kirk, Kenny Pickel, Jerry Evanoff, Don Banfield. 
Row Three: David Vosberg, Bob Dall, Bill Wood, Pat Murray, Ralph Curtis, John Thornton, 
Jerry Adams, Joe Knox, Ray Axtel, Ed Kunkel, Le Row Kowalski, Manager Bob Johns. 
Row Four: Lloyd Bowden, Ellsworth Simmons, John Kilkelly, Dick Byrne, Reg Weber, Carl Thompson, Charles Evanoff, Wallace Hoeper, Jerry O'Brien, Jim Wedig, Charles Groom.

 Co-captains Larry Ware and Ed Kunkel.

Coaches Ozzie Barth and Wayne DeLancy.

 Photos are from the 1952-53 Cuba City High School yearbook, "The Nugget."


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