Businesses embrace mining boom

By 1906, Cuba City found itself in the midst of a mining boom that was bringing people to the area in record numbers. This unique time is wonderfully captured in the Complete Year Book of Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa Lead and Zinc Mines, published by Skemp and Conley in 1906.

The advertisements below from the Year Book illustrate how Cuba City's business and professional communities hoped to capitalize on this phenomenon. Cuba City advertisers were Donohoo, Splinter & Co., Meloy & Brewer, Miners' Supply House (G. C. Longendyke), S. E. Smalley, R. B. Luckey General Store, and the Cuba City News-Herald.

For more information about how the mining boom affected Cuba City: Mining fever hits Cuba City

Skemp & Conley's mining year book is also available online:  Complete Year Book


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