Tucker's Tavern

Take a trip down memory lane with this photo collection. Tucker's Tavern was owned and operated by Albert and Leone Droullard and later, Walter and Maxine Droullard. It was located in the building now occupied by Hindu's Corner Bar, at the intersection of Main and Webster Street. Very few of the people in these photographs have been identified, so please share if you recognize someone!

 Walter "Tucker" Droullard (left), Maxine Droullard (center).

Walter "Tucker" Droullard in coat, with cigarette.

Maxine Droullard.

According to the Dubuque Telegraph Herald's classifieds, it looks like Tucker's Tavern got a new back bar and stools in 1967, which could have been the reason for these photos.

 Maxine Droullard

 Maxine Droullard

 Sylvester and Pearl Banfield seated at the bar.

 Maxine Droullard.

 Maxine Droullard

Tom Droullard seated at bar. 

 Thank you to Steve Murphy for his help in sharing these photos.


  1. In the 1955 photos, the dog's name was Hobo. My maternal grandfather, Arthur Droullard, Tucker's brother, tended bar and Hobo came home with him often. I was 7 years old in 1955, and spent summers in Cuba City from about 1954-1962.

    Bill Beyer; beyer.arch@yahoo.com


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