Priests of St. Rose, 1950s

Below are images of two St. Rose priests in the 1950s: Rev. Leonard Barney and Rev. Paul Croke. Photographs courtesy of the David and Mary Dall family.

 Father Barney stands with students outside the St. Rose Catholic Church. He served at St. Rose from October 1928 until his death on January 12, 1954.

Father Croke served at St. Rose from February 1954-1961.


  1. The picture with Fr. Barney was probably from 1952. It's probably of my confirmation class. My family moved to California for my 8th grade year (1952). I am the second from the right. I recognize many of the faces, but the rest escape me. Can anyone ID all of the faces?

    Jim McCrea

    1. We moved to California in 1953, not 1952. Moved back to Cuba City in 1954.

      Jim McCrea CCHS 1958


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