Cuba City Bakery

Did you know that the building now housing Nick's Cafe used to be a bakery? On July 8, 1930, Joseph P. Nilles of Dubuque became the owner of the Cuba City bakery. Before this, Albert and Charles Lippolt and D.A. Dixon also had bakeries at this location.

The sign behind this gentleman reads Lippolt Bros. Bakery Confectionery Ice Cream, located at 119 S. Main, where Nick's Cafe is today. The outlines of City Hall and the First National Bank dome are just visible in the distance. Circa 1922. Thank you to Linda Lambert for sharing this wonderful photo belonging to her great aunt, Rachel Idel Smith.

 This drawing comes from the 1932 fire insurance map of Cuba City. The Nilles bakery is the second building from the bottom, labeled Bake Shop. Sadly, the bakery did suffer a fire in December 1935 that destroyed the interior of the building.


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