Dr. C. S. King in Cuba City

Just today, I received a question about Dr. C. S. King and the Cuba City Hospital. Dr. Cedric S. King arrived in Cuba City in the spring of 1947. He worked alongside Dr. Terry for a few months before opening his own office above the Cuba City theater.

In June 1948, Dr. King moved into roomier quarters. The former "Harris house" or "Harris building," located on South Main Street, was transformed into a hospital. The following article from the Cuba City News Herald announces the hospital's opening:

Cuba City News Herald (June 3, 1948)

The text of the article reads:

"Cuba City is to have another fine hospital. Dr. C. S. King has purchased what is generally known as the Harris building on South Main street and it has been remodeled, renovated and changed over to a modern hospital. The site is ideal for a hospital, being in the residential area and free from undue noise and excitement.
The doors of the new hospital will be thrown open to the public on Sunday, June 6, 1948, for inspection. No doubt a great many people will give it the “once over.”
The first floor of the building includes an emergency room with blood-transfusion facilities, x-ray and fluoroscopy and the latest type of physical therapy, a reception room, and consultation, examination and treatment rooms.
The second floor will constitute the hospital proper with delivery room, nursery and kitchen. There will be facilities for ten beds and the fire escapes and fire control apparatus will conform to the regulations of the State Board of Health.
Herewith is shown a picture of the hospital, which will be known as Dr. King’s Hospital, and also a picture of Dr. C. S. King, owner and operator of the hospital."

In 1953, Dr. King built a much larger facility on the edge of town. The Cuba City Hospital celebrated its grand opening on November 23, 1953. It operated as a hospital until July 1985 and now serves as a nursing home.

Dr. King's memoir, Bedside Manner, is available at several libraries in this area and can be purchased from from your favorite bookseller.


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