Investments are "Safe" at First National Bank

Banks have always tried to reassure customers that their savings are secure. Cuba City's First National Bank was no different. In January 1918, the bank installed a state-of-the-art steel safe that it insisted was "absolutely burglar-proof." Cuba City residents were even encouraged to come and inspect this marvel of security:


The First National Bank has installed an absolutely burglar-proof safe—a “Tisco” double front design put out by the Diebold Safe & Lock Co. The expert was here from the factory the latter part of last week to install it. It is certainly a wonderful piece of work and is equipped with three watches to insure timely opening. A good description of it will be obtained by reading the advertisement on page 5 of this issue. The public is invited to call and see it.
--Cuba City News Herald (February 1, 1918)


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