First National Bank

Another shot of the beautiful First National Bank building in Cuba City. This image comes from a postcard with a 1917 postmark.

The bank shared the building at this time with a store owned by W. T. Lowe. The store name is visible on the awnings. A woman's dress is on display behind the plate glass windows, and you can even catch a glimpse of a gentleman (an employee, or Mr. Lowe himself?) in the store.

Dentist J. G. Harris operated on the upper floor of the building, as did lawyer Sherman E. Smalley.

Visible on the right side of the photograph, behind the bank, is the original village hall in Cuba City. Look for the bell tower with the village's fire bell inside.


  1. I lived and worked across the street from this lovely old building (Florine's store and the apartment above) through my high school years. It had a classic small town bank interior that was distinguished by its familiarity and air of welcome.

    It was a shame when it was torn down in the name of modernity.

    Jim McCrea


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