Good for one shave

The man with the distinction of being the first barber in Cuba City was Albert Andrew. He built his shop in the early 1890s at 206 S. Main (now part of the Kwik Trip parking lot--the building no longer exists).

In the late 1890s, Albert Andrew sold his barber shop to William Udelhoven. Though there is no proof, it is possible that the very first bathtub in Cuba City was located in Udelhoven's shop. It was a public bath--a soak in the tub and the use of a towel afterward cost 25 cents. 

In 1904, Otto Udelhofen (no relation to William) came to Cuba City from Potosi and began working in the barber shop. He later bought the business in 1914 and continued to operate it until his death in 1954. 

The above information was taken from the Cuba City Centennial Book, written in 1975. According to this source, the barber shop, under Otto Udelhofen, became an institution and was a place where "weighty political, economic and sporting questions were discussed." 


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