Remembering the old bank...with a matchbook

A nice find on Ebay:

I love the artwork of the beautiful old bank on the matchbook. The building was torn down in the 1970s. The old bank stood on Main Street, south of City Hall, on the site of the current bank's (American Bank, formerly Cuba City State Bank) parking lot.


  1. I spent my teenage years working in my parents’ store (Florine’s) which was immediately across the street from this bank and adjacent to the old City Hall. In those days the bank employees who I remember were:

    Bill Wimmer (Sr & Jr), Phil Grimm, Marian Steinbach, and Dick Dellabella.

    They were almost daily regulars at Florine’s for coffee, etc., and I was privileged to get to know them well, even as a teenager.

    When I left Cuba City in 1962 to join the Air Force I went by to say good-bye to the folks and Bill Wimmer Sr. ushered me into his private office. He presented me with a very nice leather checkbook cover and a leather bank deposit envelope.

    I will always remember those people as the epitome of the best of what a small town had to offer in those days.

    Jim McCrea

  2. Thanks for the memories, Jim! The part about you leaving for the Air Force and getting a special gift reminds me of It's a Wonderful Life.

  3. Another bank regular @ Florine's whose name I just remembers was Burr Brewer.


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