Toyland in Cuba City

Below is a 1917 Christmas advertisement from an old Cuba City business--Longbotham & Gibson: 

I don't have much information about the store at the moment. It was possibly located in the same building as the Cuba City National Bank. It had two floors, as the ad states that all toys were on the second floor.

The advertisement reads:

We wish to state that we are now ready for your Xmas buying, and in doing our part we have filled our store with sensible gifts for every member of the family, from the tiny little ones up to grandmother and grandfather.

You will find Toyland very complete with fun making toys as well as practical ones. As before TOYS WILL BE FOUND ON THE SECOND FLOOR, and we extend to every child a special invitation to visit this section as often as they please. This invitation is extended to all members of the household.

Practical and useful gifts will be found in prominence this season, and many useful articles can be found at our big store.

We urge you to do your buying early as it is to your advantage to do this, as your selections can be made easier and you miss the crowds of late buying.

We once more extend to you a special invitation to make Longbotham & Gibson's store your headquarters during the holidays as well as after.


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