Jack and Maude Brooks in Cuba City

Thanks to Jim McCrea, former Cuba City resident and son of Guerdon "Butch" and Sylvia McCrea, for the following memories and information!

As a kid, Jim remembers the Jack and Maude Brooks Stock Company coming to Cuba City every summer. This husband-wife team was based in Sabula, Iowa, and traveled with a troupe of performers to small towns in eastern Iowa, southern Wisconsin, and northern Illinois. With them, they brought a tent, animals, and their own brand of vaudeville entertainment.

The theatrical company existed from 1911-1956. Jack and Maude Brooks initially played only in opera houses until they purchased tent equipment in 1921.

Photo courtesy of the Stevens Orchestra Project website (http://stevensorchestra.tripod.com/id23.html)

For more information on Jack and Maude Brooks:

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  1. Robert L. Lane of Newton, Iowa ,has written a history of the Brooks Stock Company. A copy is in the Sabula , Iowa, library and at the Jackson County Museum in Maquoketa, the Preston, Iowa, library, and the Maquoketa, Iowa lilbrary.


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