Before High School was Mandatory...

This advertisement encouraging parents to send their children to the Cuba City High School was in the August 31, 1917 issue of the Cuba City News Herald. The original part of this brick building was built in 1905 and the addition was added in 1915. For those who don't remember the old school, it was located south of the "Pit."  

Text from the advertisement reads as follows:

The Corps of Teachers
Prof. Frank E. Ralph, Sup. Prin.

High School Teachers:
Miss Regina Whaley, English
Miss Mabel Bevers, History and Science
Miss Laura Magee, Domestic Science
Miss Leone McDermott, German

Grade Teachers:
Seventh and Eighth Grades--Celia Connell
Fifth and Sixth Grades--Miss Marguerite Mahr
Third and Fourth Grades--Miss Alma Willey
Second Grade--Miss Verna Peacock
First Grade--Miss Ella Calvert

Send your children to one of the best high schools in this section
All tuition pupils for both grades and high school will be accepted.

Board of Education
Thos. Willey, Dir.
H. D. Meloy, Clerk
H. S. Winn, Treasurer

Three distinct courses of study are now offered students of the Cuba City High School.
(1) A four years English course.
(2) A two years German course.
(3) A two years Domestic Science course. This course includes study of foods and work in plain and fancy sewing and is offered in the grades as well as in the high school department.

Our new high school building, one of the finest in Grant County, is modern and up-to-date in every respect. It is well lighted, equipped with a fan system for heating and ventilating, bubbling drinking fountains, indoor toilets, has an assembly room with a seating capacity of 150, and a fine gymnasium.

Tuition of pupils from outside the district paid, as heretofore, by the towns in which they reside.

All desiring a first-class high school education should attend.

Opportunities are offered for vocal instruction and training in band and orchestra music in the grades and throughout the High School.

Every member of the corps of teachers is an experienced pedagogue and every consideration will be given for the proper training and care of the pupils.

Graduates of this school can enter any College or University of this or any other state without examinations.

Arrange to attend the Cuba City High School this year.


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