Red Cross in Cuba City

During World War I, Cuba City residents helped the war effort in many ways. One was by joining the local branch of the Red Cross. Each week, the Cuba City News Herald published the names of residents who joined the organization. Judging by the number of names, I think that nearly every person in town must have joined. Fear of not getting one's name published in the paper may have been a contributing factor to the size of Cuba City's Red Cross branch!

Cuba City News Herald, May 18, 1917


Cuba City Branch Organized Wednesday Evening

At a meeting held at the City Hall, Wednesday evening, the local branch of the Red Cross was organized.

Miss Emma Schreiner, of Lancaster, who had previously been appointed chairman of the county organization, appointed Mrs. S. E. Smalley as chairman of the local branch, and at Wednesday evening’s meeting the following officers were chosen:

Chairman—Mrs. S. E. Smalley
Vice Chairman—Mrs. C. H. Bartlett
Secy.—Mrs. Jacob Harris
Treas.—H. D. Meloy
Executive Committee—the above officers and Mrs. W. T. Lowe and Mrs. John Ralph.
Membership Committee—Mrs. Richard Brewer, chairman, Miss Grace Pascoe, Mrs. George Gill, and Miss Emily MacDonald.
Finance Committee—Mrs. Wm. J. Schilling, chairman, Mrs. H. D. Meloy, Mrs. G. W. Mattert, Mrs. F. Faherty, Mrs. J. L. Conlon and Mrs. J. J. Bass.

As soon as school is out, the High School gymnasium will be the meeting place of the society. The ladies of the Platteville organization will come down for the next meeting that will be held, the time to be announced later in the News-Herald.

Everybody is urged to join in this movement—man, woman and child. The fee for joining is $1.00. Half of this amount goes to Washington, D. C., for the upkeep of hospitals and the other half is to be used in buying needed materials.

Be a booster for the Red Cross and this good old U. S. A.


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