The Draft - World War I

In the spring of 1917, reminders of the coming war were seen often in the local newspaper. First, men were encouraged to volunteer for military service.

Cuba City News Herald, April 27, 1917


Applications for enlistment may be made through me. The call to the colors applies to Cuba City as well as elsewhere. For particulars, enquire of the undersigned at the shooting gallery.  – B. H. Williams

Then, men were required to register for the draft.

Cuba City News Herald, May 25, 1917


The law requires every man who has passed his twenty-first birthday on June 5 to register that day for army service. There are no exceptions. All men from 21 to 30 must register. Exemptions for health or other reasons will come later. A prison sentence is the penalty for failure to register.

Some of Cuba City's drafted men are shown in the photograph below, taken from the Cuba City Centennial book.

Back row: Luverne Johns, Luverne Smalley, George Belken, Earl Wright, Bob McCrea, Ben Conlon, Larry Flynn, Bill Wimmer, Earl Deutman, Harry Andrew, George Knight.
Middle row: Charles Wright, Paul Fiedler, Wm. Heitkamp, James Galligan, Ellsworth Cook, Leonard "Curly" Arthur, Arthur Droullard, Edward Faivre.
Front row: Ben Galligan, Albert Hird, Earl Knox, Wilfred Walton, Steve Cole, Nicholas Schmieder, Robert Peacock.


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