Moving pictures in Cuba

The building formerly known as the Auditorium, still located today on Main Street across from City Hall, used to be the entertainment center in Cuba City. It was the place to go for dances, plays, and movies in the 1910s. Below is a news article about improvements made by the building's new owners in 1917.

From the Cuba City News Herald, January 26, 1917:

New Picture Machine
Loeffelholz Bros. buy swell new simplex outfit

If you have been following the progress made by Loeffelholz Bros. at the Auditorium and noted the various improvements they are making from time to time, you will be interested to learn that their latest move is the purchase of a swell new Simplex De Luxe Projector. This is the real thing in motion picture outfits and has the unanimous approval of the United States Government war department and took the grand prize at the Panama-Pacific Exposition and the highest award at the San Diego Exposition.

The machine is driven by an electronic motor, thus doing away with the old style laborious operation by hand.

The boys are to be complimented on their enterprise and Auditorium patrons will not be slow in showing their appreciation of the efforts of the management on their behalf


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