Saturday, January 30, 2016

Otto Udelhofen

Otto Udelhofen was a long-time barber in Cuba City. Below is a nice write-up from Cuba City's centennial history, published in 1975:

"Otto came here from Potosi in 1904 and worked in the Udelhoven shop until he bought it in 1914. He operated it until his death in 1954. The shop became an institution on Main Street. If there was such a thing here, it was a Forum. Weighty political, economic and sporting questions were discussed here. Otto was an avid hunter and fisherman and some record fish were caught in the shop on many a Saturday night. Otto was popular with children and he returned the favor by being generous to them. His shop was a three chair institution and he employed and trained numbers of apprentices. The shop is remembered fondly by many men."

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cuba City Creamery

Cuba City's centennial history, written in 1975, has a short paragraph on the Cuba City Creamery:
"According to the 'oldest residents' the first creamery here was started by R. A. Wilson & Co. in the early '90s. It was later leased to the Elgin Creamery Co. and later changed hands a number of times, with a Mr. Chandler and Fred Maso operating it in turn before Henry Ipsen took it over in 1919. He operated it until retiring and it has since been carried on by his sons, Hank and Paul."
A quick Google search turns up some old directories and reports, like this one from the Wisconsin Dairy and Food Commission in 1905. It lists the Cuba City Creamery's manager at the time, R. B. Lucky, and records the names of local dairy farmers using the creamery.

Fun Fact: Before there was the Cuba City Creamery, there was the Cuba City Butter and Cheese Co., according to an 1896 directory.