First National Bank gets a little safer

Banks have always tried to reassure customers that their savings are secure. Cuba City's First National Bank was no different. In January 1918, the bank installed a state-of-the-art steel safe that it insisted was "absolutely burglar-proof." Cuba City residents were even encouraged to come and inspect this marvel of security:


The First National Bank has installed an absolutely burglar-proof safe—a “Tisco” double front design put out by the Diebold Safe & Lock Co. The expert was here from the factory the latter part of last week to install it. It is certainly a wonderful piece of work and is equipped with three watches to insure timely opening. A good description of it will be obtained by reading the advertisement on page 5 of this issue. The public is invited to call and see it.
--Cuba City News Herald (February 1, 1918)


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