Monday, July 25, 2011

Cuba City gets a new water tower

Photo taken from the Cuba City Centennial.
Cuba City's first water tower was built in 1903 and was located in the northwest corner of what is today Veterans Memorial Park. Note the location of Cuba City's first village hall.
Here's another early shot of the water tower. Thank you to Rachel Knoblich, who kindly shared this photo belonging to her grandmother, Lillian Heitkamp Kirk.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jack and Maude Brooks in Cuba City

Thanks to Jim McCrea, former Cuba City resident and son of Guerdon "Butch" and Sylvia McCrea, for the following memories and information!

As a kid, Jim remembers the Jack and Maude Brooks Stock Company coming to Cuba City every summer. This husband-wife team was based in Sabula, Iowa, and traveled with a troupe of performers to small towns in eastern Iowa, southern Wisconsin, and northern Illinois. With them, they brought a tent, animals, and their own brand of vaudeville entertainment.

The theatrical company existed from 1911-1956. Jack and Maude Brooks initially played only in opera houses until they purchased tent equipment in 1921.

Photo courtesy of the Stevens Orchestra Project website (

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